Thursday, February 26, 2009

Soundtrack for Amelia Earhart

I want to talk about the soundtrack for this short film right here. We knew that this is going to be an abstract film, and we animate most of the part.  

Following the storyboard: 

The first three scenes of circles and bubbles transform into different shapes and penetrate the water surface in to the air. In this first test, Christina suggested the same level of accordion music. This perfectly created an headroom for the audience to connect with the animation concept which we want a very strong mood of Amelia's air crash in the beginning.

We also choose elements of recording from the reality : Mechanic operations sound, noises, Wind sound that was highly grained by filter. By adding into our music, we heard the layers and depth more, and got more excited about the final sound layout. 

We all agreed with Non-literal soundtrack, so, I did a lot of chopping the lyrical music into pieces and mess up the order, then put together agian. This experience gave me a new thinking about this whole project. However, the chosen one was holding very limited portion or had very specific tone and effect. But after all,  we reorder the Time and Space, decided the way they should be seem. The soundtrack became a very strong ,individual portrait after all. And that's what we were so happy for, an unique, individual short film about this unusual women and her final flight.



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