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Free Writing in the class | 08

Sep 5
What is the goal of it?
Give Example of ways this can be done.

I choose Flow.

       Flow is a very basic technique in reading comics.
Fallow the order of each frame, audience can understand the time-line and predict what ( which frame) is going to "look" at, to be the next frame.

     Sometimes, providing the clear order of frames as the imply for reader, can help the fluency of reading and prediction.

Normally, the order of the flow: Left to Right, and then Top to bottom.People always fallow this rule when reading comics.

But, even the author breaks the rule like this:  The audience can always find the way to read. Still, author has to be careful about the flow of presenting. We don’t want to make the audience get tired of reading, so it’s important to read
without thinking where should they look at.

Sep 12
What from " Making Comics " Ch.4 helps you for making with your photo-self portrait series?

I read this chapter and find the differences between several composition: For example, different angles of camera can cause a very different effects because  we use     
distance and vanishing point to bring the viewer into a vivid environment.

     Even the photos i took are 2D, as long as I shoot in the angle which the composition and perspective suggest the viewer the depth and order of any object in my photo, the viewer would easily feel the environment  I invite him/her to come in.

Sep 9
What from the assignment were you surprised by when doing it?
For example, did the difficulty / easiness or result surprise you?
What about your creative process? did you find interesting? 

     I am surprised that if I have to find the specific reason why I love this movie I choose to make the 6 frames comics ( later I realize it's 16 frames and I did only 6... ), I couldn't even tell anything by words. But when  I was doing the choosing frames, scenes and images ( or words ).

     I just realize that the strong impression about the movie The Character always comes first. So I start to set up scene to show the character who I like the most in this movie. And of course, their classic lines too.

     Amazingly, I remember every of their lines in specific scenes which I like.

     This project makes me wonder, the elements of a movie, characters are very important!!!
I especially like the process to draw their body language and facial expression which I remember (still in my brain).  They're just too classic and I think whoever see the character I draw, they will understand their jobs or roles in this movie.

Sep 16
In the Normal Reading and /or Human computation video, what did you find interesting and None-obvious?

Well, these two contexts want to show us how human's intelligence are different from the computation in the machine that it depends on a representative world to distinguish and calculate. In this online video, technology of computation still needs the hands of human to do the visualizing job. Maybe now, it is very common to hear about some advanced systems in digital devices ( like: a digital camera ) that it has a high technology to locate and focus on faces. 

This means computation is having more mature technique to recognize the out-line of the subject in the image. Moreover, to identify these shapes and call out functions in order to get the better quality (for example: analyzing the color or the tone of an image and fixing the balance by itself ) of the outcome, also gives another meaning and reason of taking pictures. 
These standards or common usages more or less help to develop a higher quality in editing or taking photos. But coming with the essential discussion of the Beauty or Esthetic, there will be no computation for judging them or providing standard.

What I find is, we're all talking in general judgement or common sense which we like to put in to the computation, and hope the machine can do better job ( in thinking like a human brain) ... so human can lay back, or go resolve the more intellectual question in their lives or in the future. But certainly, I know I don't like the idea of generalizing and making standard ,
those things can't contribute any of my work, especially in my process of creation.

Sep 24
What did you find interesting, surprising and unexpected in the video self-portrait?

Never think about something can represent Me in video format before. I tried to look for the object which related to my habit and I just found them are all Stills... Nothing can make them move. well, if i try to make them move by hand or click something with texts ,this totally goes against the time-base medium as documentary. It's very hard to catch the abstract concepts or words which I found they can represent me.

Turn out, I shot the things which included the movement or action that related to my daily life. Such as: switching light, using electronics, traveling from space to space, consuming, producing garbage, dumping them, turning off the light and staying in the dark.

I suppose, I still need some time to transfer abstract ideas into reality, not by words or flat medium but by video which includes  not just images but Time.

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Movie | Pulp fiction

I watched this movie many many times, there are many lines implied to old films and the characters in those movies. I am not film enthusiastic which make me lack of knowledge about those context. But I simply enjoy the mood and music of this film.

12 hrs self-portrait

This is my 12 hours, wake up at 7:00, finish by 18:00.
I realize Objects are really important,
I choose my glasses to be the first thing i reach in a day. Food, lighting, green, water, more food, and then outdoor...

Friday, September 5, 2008

The reason I come to Parsons...

That's the whole thing. 
My parents don't have any Art or Design background,
they brought me up in the way that sometimes I couldn't breath. I set up goal just like other teenagers when i was in high school: be a designer. 
That' s how the whole journey begin!!!

"I think I wanna change the world.."
Many artists say that.
I am not that ambitious, but I do have a little hope that
I can inspire people, like my art teacher in my under grad of Photography. 

I come to Parsons to make more works, to know people, to push myself into a new realm of using very different media. 
I am glad that I'm here.


Self Portrait

This is the self Portrait i did for the first week . Not like the portrait with details and colors, this one just a simple silhouette. I was thinking giving information about me, so I prefer a little function with portrait.
As people understand me, I work some hand crafts, have background of photographer, like musics and do a lot of thinking or sometimes I need to break my opinion first to get into more jumping thinking which helps me to create.