Friday, December 12, 2008

Final presentation

Is it Sparkle, Aura or Flow?
Mysterious animation interactive experiment

 I was aware of certain mysterious feeling and flow that happened when I was watching the experimental film or animation. Being inspired by unknown and none-verbalized transit of the film, this intimate experience is what I think the most interesting thing. 

Just wondering how humans’ brains recognize mysterious moment and those none-verbalized situations by appearing and disappearing of those electrical activity, I am more interested in the organic order of the world and more believe in each person’s experience can’t be generalized how they feel the flow and movement in the film.  

Paper download here

Powerpoint here


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interface | animation interaction

{ The neuro-feedback technique }

Sean Montgomerm is the neuroscientist who combine Design with bio-technology in his work. His neuro-feedback work: brain machine uses chips to store the data of brain wave and translate into LED lighting. Using FFT(one of algorithm to compose DTS decompose sequence of value into components of different sequences ), he turns the data into signals by LED lights . Therefore we can see our thought (brain waves) through the cap.

ps. eeg technique read brain wave to different type of wave: alpha wave, beta wave...ect.
for example: alpha wave is 8-10Hz.
pictures from

{ Animation test 1 }

Monday, December 1, 2008

Prototypes | Final Project


No.1 | Scroll bar tool
Let the scroll bar send your message
 Provide an easy tool that to scroll and mark the arrange of your "feeling" period of time.The high density area inside the bar also address on the hight point of your "flow".

No.2 | Palm sensor 
 By testing your palm temperature to tell the different of your physical changing.

No.3 | Squeezing tool
Hand holds squeezing tool can test your strength of a grip and tell you when is the high point of your unknown feeling.

No.4 | Heart beat
Small vibration attach near your heart or hand. 
You experience other's heart beats while watching the same video, share your physical response through the heart beat sensor .