Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The character portrait of Amelia Earhart

This would be our first group project, to depict or to reconstruct a dreamlike, more abstract character trait of this incredible women Amelia Earhart.  We discussed about the style and form of this project at first, and we all agreed with the more abstract images and lyrical sounds over, so this portrait would be very non-literal short film
First, we took elements seem which feminine to us: water, clouds, bubbles, transformed shapes and fog.And the color Blue. 

We also researched on the historical records of her last flight, and personality trait, we sort of knew about the importance and order of her career should be the first thing in our project. Then, we built our story board around the environment she had ever been and flew through, the last journey she had been through, and then, the death.


And then we had Christina's water footages, Rita's illustration to shape those element into patterns, and then I brought in the sounds and music to cooperate the transition in our visual presentation. The tough parts were actually the state of her mind. 

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