Thursday, May 28, 2009

A game

The Path | Game
The Path is a very beautiful horror short game that created by Tale of Tales studio. I was very attractive to the roles and the art in this game.

"Always follow the path!" 

They warmed you at the beginning of the game, and of course i did fallow the path,and turned out I gained "Nothing"at the end and reach the grandma in her room in 10 mins (before i test with my boyfriend that I can actually run instead of walking).

First I obeyed the instruction, but turned out you have to against the rule to experience things that hidden in the forest or other places. Like the kids who don't fallow the rules and then get themselves into trouble. It's called "The adventure!". Which makes this game playful.  

I was surprised that path itself, dancing girl, characters pop up from nowhere or the mysterious footprint of the wolf are not the scary thing. But to "Lost" in the forest, is the thing that makes me nervous and almost cry.

I love this game, very easy to pick up the idea, and very very soon to fit into the role of walking in the forest,fantastic jobs of every detail and artwork in this game.
Love it!

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