Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mini thesis research paper

When I presented this story, I first set up an alternative environment to hold the possibility of making changes. Environment Changes in this story would be presented by Current and the weather… they lead to the separateness and forcing the ice man to re-identify his circumstance and begin his journey to search his life out. So now we can see there are 2 parallels:

a) The Iceberg’s push by the current: Taiwan’s cognition in the modern world.
b) The ice man finds his way to survive: How to re-identifiy ourselves with this island. 

Here are some points I made, some adjustment to the story board:

■ What’s behind under the water or how large this iceberg actually is were an inspiration from this animation short. 

I plan to make the audience go through the whole story, and find out what’s beyond the ground 
level of this island: Once we get curious, definitely would be interested in how the Historical, Archeological tracks or productivities and economical activities can effect this man’s decisions on staying for good or how he comes out ideas for the sustainability. 

■ The definitions or “must do” I gave to this story:
A round character,
A piece of land that
contains secret to be dug out.
within unpredictability.
One or two strangers join the story , bring in new elements and then leave.
Messages or influences on him,The island remains wandered in the ocean
At last,
the character changes his state of mind and applies a new meaning to his island.

■ Precedent /Le maison en petits cube /

The lonely old man tried to build another penthouse due to the over
float. For picking up his dropped pipe, he screw diving into those
rooms he had built, and remembered what he had left behind there.

In my storyboarding process, I want to make sure of both easier to understand the metaphors and not too literal and became a mundane short. What I found in Le maison en petis cube was, it’s only about the feeling of what’s happening right there; not to consider about reality, this fiction structures an independent, isolated life of an old man, and it’s really similar to my concept of “one man island”.

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